Cheryl VanSipma, RN

Cheryl serves as the Compliance Officer for ATI Ambulance. Cheryl’s role consists of conducting internal audits and QI, ensuring that transports are properly received, documented and billed. Cheryl began her career in EMS graduating from the first Paramedic class at Silver Cross Hospital over 30 years ago. After working as a paramedic for several years, Cheryl went on to become the EMS Coordinator for the South Holland Police and Fire Department. Cheryl went on to work in the ED at Ingalls Hospital until she was appointed by Illinois Department of Public Health as a Regional EMS/Bioterrorism Coordinator. For ten years, Cheryl regulated the activities for the State in Regions 7 and 11. Her position included providing oversight of training, State testing and all re-licensure of First Responders, EMT’s, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Trauma Nurse Specialists, Pre-Hospital and Emergency Communication RN’s; annual inspection of ambulances; inspections for designation of Emergency Department Approval for Pediatrics and Trauma Centers and approval and renewal of EMS System plans.

Cheryl is a founding member of Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT). Through IMERT, Cheryl worked collaboratively with State agencies to create a response team that is properly trained and equipped to respond to mass casualty events throughout the State.

Cheryl graduated from Purdue University with a BSN in Nursing.