Management Team

At ATI Ambulance, we focus on providing excellent patient care, through extensive training programs, and superior management. Our company is managed by individuals that are both knowledgeable and highly experienced in our industry. Throughout our history we have offered an unprecedented level of care, experience and service to our clients.

  • Brian Dolan
    Brian Dolan
  • Christopher J. Vandenberg J.D.
    Christopher J. Vandenberg J.D.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Blair Dietrich
    Blair Dietrich
  • William Goetz, EMT-P
    William Goetz, EMT-P
    Vice President of Operations
  • Cheryl VanSipma, RN
    Cheryl VanSipma, RN
    Compliance Officer
  • Denise Vincent
    Denise Vincent
    Director of Patient Accounts
  • Norah J Power, CCEMPT
    Norah J Power, CCEMPT
    Vice President of Operations
  • Michael Witherspoon
    Michael Witherspoon
    Operations Manager