ATI Ambulance partners with several healthcare providers

The Chicago Ambulance Alliance (CAA) is a leading provider of healthcare transportation in the Midwest. Locally, the CAA has a fleet of over 90 ambulances and 30 medicars. The CAA employs more than 700 employees, operating the brands Trace Ambulance, ATI Ambulance, Vandenberg Ambulance and Specialty Needs Transportation (SNT). Serving more than 30 hospitals, 150 nursing homes, and 35 hospice and palliative care providers, the CAA transports more than 150,000 patients a year throughout the greater Chicago area. Our fleet size, geographic service area and expertise in the industry enable us to provide transportation services for healthcare organizations throughout northern Illinois. The CAA operates with the continuum of patient care as its model, making the transportation aspect of patient care a seamless and positive experience, ensuring that patients are transported to the most appropriate healthcare facilities within their own network of care. 

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An industry leader and trusted name Air Methods has built its reputation on a commitment to quality patient care and safety in aviation operations. Since 1980, we have been dedicated to air medical transport and have grown to become the most experienced air medical operator in the industry. Transcending three decades, we continue to maintain our industry-leading position. While we call Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado home, our operations expand from Alaska to Key West. Currently, we have more than 300 bases of operations that serve 48 states. We operate eight maintenance centers of excellence throughout the nation and a national communications center. 

Leading the way in HEMS safety
As the most experienced air medical operator, we have an obligation to use our leadership position responsibly to encourage safety improvements within the air medical community. We take that responsibility very seriously. We not only support safety concepts and the value, but have demonstrated the commitment during the past six years by investing more than $100 million in advancing and incorporating safety programs and technologies into our operations. 

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“United for the Call”

Private Provider Emergency Response System (PPERS) was developed to assist fire departments, local health departments, hospitals and healthcare facilities during large-scale disaster events. ATI Ambulance is the founding members of PPERS and coordinates with other private providers to work together in a collaborative and unified manner. 

All major ambulance providers in the Northern Illinois region are members of this disaster response network. Membership to PPERS is selective to ensure that the best resources are deployed for such large scale, disaster events. The ATI dispatch center serves as the communication center for PPERS and coordinates all activities of its members as it is received requests from any government agency and/or healthcare centers.

Services Include:

  • Assistance at SNS/DVC sites
  • Hospital Evacuations
  • Healthcare Facility Evacuations
  • Transport to/from Surgery Centers